Do Ketone Supplements Get You Into Keto Fast?

ketone supplements keto fast

The ketogenic diet is fast becoming a popular trend among health enthusiasts and people who want to lose weight. As it becomes widespread, ketone supplements that claim to get you into keto fast start to penetrate the market.

Ketone pills claim that they provide the same benefits of the ketogenic diet without having to follow one. They claim to reduce appetite, increase energy, and burn fat.

Is there any truth to these claims? Can exogenous ketones get your body into ketosis quicker than traditional keto dieting?

What are Ketones?

Ketone bodies or ketones are compounds produced in the liver as alternative energy when glucose becomes depleted. The liver usually produces these compounds during prolonged fasting, starvation, or when undergoing the ketogenic diet.

When you use up your glucose stores, your body goes into a metabolic state called ketosis. During this state, your body becomes so efficient at converting fat stores into usable energy.

The liver converts fatty acids into three types of ketones in a process called ketogenesis. These three ketones are called beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetone, and acetoacetate.

Two Types of Ketones:

  1. Endogenous ketones: Ketones made naturally by the body through ketogenesis.
  2. Exogenous ketones: Ketones that come from external sources taken as supplements to get your body into keto fast.

Two Types of Ketone Supplements

Exogenous ketone supplements usually use beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) because it is used most-efficiently by the body.

  1. Ketone salts: These are the most common ketone supplements available on the market. They contain BHB bound to calcium, potassium, or sodium for easier consumption and absorption.
  2. Ketone esters: These are made purely of ketones like beta-hydroxybutyrate. They are used primarily for research because of their bad taste.

Some supplements contain other blends of ingredients like medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powder, stevia, caffeine, ascorbic acid, and others.

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Do Ketone Supplements Get You into Keto Fast?

Supplements come in a powdered drink form or ketone pills. Once you consume them, you can reach a state of nutritional ketosis in as short as an hour or less.

It can take as long as two weeks to achieve ketosis through the ketogenic diet. Ketones are not your usual energy source. Hence, your body has to adapt to it gradually.

Thus, taking ketone supplements becomes an attractive option to people who do not want to go through the hardship of keto dieting. While you can reach ketosis in as little as 2-3 days of fasting, not all people have the endurance to not eat food for that long.

The standard ketogenic diet requires you to lower your carb intake to 10% or even less. You have to eat 70-80% of your energy intake from fats and 20-30% from proteins.

If you do not want to do prolonged fasting, exogenous ketone supplements can help you get into keto fast. You do not have to follow a strict keto diet. You do not have to undergo strenuous exercise, as well.

Take only need two or three ketone pills or drink a ketone formula. You can have BHB in your bloodstream in an hour or less. Then, you can enjoy the benefits of ketosis.

Bottom Line: Supplementation can get you in a state of nutritional ketosis without diet or fasting. You can experience the same benefits like increased energy, decrease in appetite, and weight loss.

Supplementation and Appetite Control

The ketogenic diet can reduce your appetite and help you lose weight. The presence of ketones in the bloodstream means that your body has a steady source of energy.

You can experience the same benefit when you take ketone supplements. The BHB becomes your body’s primary source of fuel. Therefore, you do not feel the urge to eat as much as you used to.

Taking BHB ketones lowers the production of the hunger hormone called ghrelin and the fat-storage hormone called insulin. Hence, your body becomes an efficient fat-burning machine.

Ketone Supplements and Reduced Keto Flu Symptoms

Supplementing with BHB and MCT oil can increase the ketone levels in the bloodstream. As the ketone bodies reach the blood, they provide the body with energy, which triggers ketosis.

Taking ketone supplements also reduces the symptoms associated with the keto flu. Hence, you will not feel the fatigue, headache, and nausea that many keto dieters often experience during their adjustment periods.


Studies suggest that ketone supplements can help you get into keto fast. However, there is no sufficient evidence that they can maintain the state of ketosis when you are not following a keto diet.

The best recommendation is to follow the ketogenic diet while taking ketone pills. If you want to burn more fat and achieve your weight goals faster, you may also want to add a fitness regimen.

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