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I Am Coughing Up Brown Mucus – Should I Be Concerned?

Clear mucus is daily excreted from our nasal and throat passages as it’s our bodies’ natural reaction to provide protection from thousands of irritants we come into contact daily, however coughing up brown mucus might signal of a potential health problem. Ranging from insignificant to serious, reasons for couging up brown mucus are numerious.

Coughing up phlegm is a sign of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract due to a cold, allergies, irritants or a more serious sinus, bronchi or lung infections. Our body produces a large amount of phlegm on a daily basis necessary to coat and neutralize any bacteria, virus or irritant that invaded our system. Bouts ofpersistent cough serve a purpose of evacuating excessive mucus along with foreign invaders.

Coughing up various colors of mucus is a very important symptom your doctor might use to confirm your diagnoses or to provide him with an insight what might be causing your illness. Coughing up green phlegm, for example, could be a sign of a serous bacterial lung or bronchi infection that should be brought to your doctor’s attention. If your brown mucus is rusty in color, it could contain traces of old blood that can be caused by small capillaries located in bronchi and lungs bursting due to strong bouts of cough.

Before you head to your doctor, pay close attention to coughing up brown mucus. Note whether you cough it up first thing in the morning or yourbrown phlegm comes out at any time of the day. Observe any other symptoms you might be experiencing like chest pain, fever, shortness of breath or else. It’s important to not take any cough medication if you arecoughing up brown mucus not to mask your symptoms that are important for your doctor to find the actual cause of your phlegm problems.

Coughing up brown mucus could mean multiple things depending on the variation in the texture and color of your mucus. If you smoke, your brown mucus is tinted by considerable amount of tobacco particles you inhale every time you take a puff. In case you smoke marijuana, your brown mucus could even have traces of black inclusions due to high content of pollutants.

If your brown mucus is rusty in color, it could contain traces of old blood that can be caused by small capillaries located in bronchi and lungs bursting due to strong bouts of cough.

Black mucus could also be triggered by a vast number of factors like air pollution, work environment, smoking and a possible fungal bronchi or lung inflammation. Coalmine workers might be continuously coughing up black or brown mucus due to high content of dust and coal particles. Over time miners might develop inflammatory condition called black lung diseasecausing massive fibrosis of lung tissues requiring medical attention.

Only your doctor is able to give you the actual causes of you coughing up brown mucus after running a series of tests and a thorough examination.Coughing up brown mucus is definitely a symptom that should not be overlooked and examined carefully because it could have hundreds of underlying reasons. It’s not advisable you treat brown mucus by yourself as you might mistakingly treat the wrong illness and make matters worse.

10 Best Orthopedic Surgeons in US

Orthopedic surgeons devote their medical careers to prevention and treatment of the diseases of musculoskeletal system organs like bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. The best orthopedic surgeons specialize in a certain area of expertise like pediatrics, reconstructive surgery or trauma. Some surgeons selectively perform only specific procedures like torn labrum surgery orpartial knee replacement to facilitate their medical research in this area of interest.

Finding the best orthopedic surgeons could be a tricky task. Also, the definition for “the best surgeon” could vary from person to person. Orthopedic surgeons in the US mostly gain publicity through their published research or for being a surgeon for a celebrity or a well-known politician. Some best orthopedic surgeons are put in the public spotlight because of a special improved way of performing a certain orthopedic surgical procedure like hip resurfacing or partial knee replacement that makes them stand out among the best orthopedic surgeons.

If you are determined to find the best orthopedic surgeons across America our top 10 list might be helpful for you:

1. Jonathan Deland, MD (OrS) specializes in Foot & Ankle Surgery, Sports Medicine, Arthritis and practices at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Foot & Ankle Service in New York, NY.

2. Thomas Errico, MD (OrS) specializes in Spinal Surgery, Spinal Disc Replacement, Scoliosis and practices in NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, NY.

3. Evan Flatow, MD (OrS), his specialties include Rotator Cuff Surgery, Shoulder Injuries, Shoulder Replacement, Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery, Hip & Knee Replacement at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, NY.

4. John Healey, MD (OrS), his areas of expertise are Bone Tumors, Hip & Knee Replacement in Bone Tumors, Sarcoma, Sarcoma-Soft Tissue, Musculoskeletal Cancer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY.

5. Robert Hotchkiss, MD specializes in the following areas as Hand Surgery, Wrist Surgery, Elbow Reconstruction, Dupuytren’s Contracture and practices at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell in New York, NY.

6. Michael M. Alexiades, MD concentrates his efforts on partial knee replacements, hip replacements with minimal invasion to speed up recovery and practices at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY.

7. Allen T. Bishop, MD practices in Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN which is ranked #1 hospital by U.S. News Hospital Rankings, his areas of expertise are congenital hand diseases, upper extremity tumors, distal upper extremity tendon injuries.

8. Richard A. Berger, MD, Ph.D. His areas of interest include Joint Diseases, Distal Upper Extremity Trauma, Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve and Vascular Disease, Upper Extremity Arthritis, he also practices at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

9. Maurice Albright, MD practices at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. His areas of interest include Congenital Musculoskeletal Deformities, Hip Dysplasia, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Pediatric Spine/Scoliosis, Pediatric Trauma.

10. Arthur L. Boland, MD practices at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, he specializes in the following non-operativetreatments as Sports Injuries, Upper and Lower Extremities.

Color of Phlegm – What Can It Tell You?

Phlegm or respiratory system mucus is a gel like substance produced by upper and lower respiratory system organs in response to various types of irritants in the form of allergens, viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins and pollution.The purpose of the phlegm is to lubricate the respiratory organs and passages and to quickly neutralize the foreign invaders by expelling them from our bodies with coughing. Therefore, it is very important to learn different phlegm color meaning and not take any cough suppressing medications as it’s our bodies’ natural wayof cleansing itself.

It has been observed that even healthy individuals produce around a quart of mucus daily to protect respiratory system organs from drying out that normally dribbles down the back of throats without any notice. However, in response to various irritants and inflammatory processes, the color of phlegm changes along with its consistency. The presence of white blood cells, proteins and irritants gives mucus its tint. The color of phlegm can take on virtually any color of the rainbow and has a tremendous meaning in diagnosing and pin-pointing different types of diseases and conditions.

Coughing up clear mucus could just mean an onset of seasonal allergiesor a mild viral infection, the clear mucus production usually resolves itself within 5-7 days like any viral infection. In case your condition does not improve and you start coughing up yellow mucus or the color of phlegm changes to a more cloudy type, it could signal a bacterial infection in the lungs or bronchi. If the color of phlegm is dark yellow or green, it indicates the presence of pus or dead white cells in the phlegm mucus, a good indication that body is currently fighting off bacteria. Another reason for coughing up green phlegm and sputum, a combination of phlegm and spit, could be an indication of cystic fibrosis disease and should be discussed with your doctor.

If you smoke you might see brown phlegm being coughed up in the morning as a response to irritation caused by cigarette smoke. Smoking causes chronic inflammation to the bronchi, lungs and other organs of the respiratory system resulting in increased bouts of cough necessary to clear out the lungs. If you suffer from acute or chronic bronchitis you can try some bronchitis natural remedies that may also alleviate excessive mucus problem.

Black phlegm color meaning is always a classical symptom observed in coal mine workers and people involved in hazardous working environment. The condition may potentially progress to black lung disease, an inflammatory condition affecting lung tissue and causing shortness of breath and lack of oxygen.

Finally, a presence of bloody phlegm indicates hemorrhage or bleeding in the lungs and could signal a very dangerous health condition like pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Color of phlegm is a very helpful way for you to know how your body is coping with an illness. No matter what the color of phlegm is, if it’s accompanied by a fever of 102 F degrees or higher, if you generally feel run down, experience wheezing, chest pains and persistent cough, it is time to call a doctor.

Please also watch this educational video about mucus color wheel that was put together by The Doctors TV Show:

Causes of Green Stools in Adults

Generally green stools in adultsare caused by your food digesting too fast. As it digests it usually goes from green to brown before your bowel movement. If you have green bowel movements it may be caused by the use of laxatives, antibiotics or other medications, food poisoning or some other serious diseases.

While green stools in adults may be a little scary, you shouldn’t panic. Call your health care professional and ask them if anymedications you may be on could be the cause of green stools in adults. If this is the case, then there is most likely nothing to worry about. Don’t be afraid to ask your physician questions about green bowel movements or green diarrhea.

You want to make sure you are properly hydrated. This may go a long way toward preventing green stools in adults. While green stools in infants may not be a cause for worry, this might not be the case in green stools for adults. Many times infants have bowel movements of every color in the rainbow. It is usually a result of what they are eating. Green stools in adults could be the cause of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, salmonella, or Crohn’s disease.

You may even notice green stools in adults because you have been on a so-called diarrhea diet. Green stools in adults can occur when there is a major change in your diet. The best thing you can do is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as drinking eight glasses of water or other fluids daily. This should go a long way towards eliminating green stools in adults. Again this is to only say that is the case if there is not some other serious illness as the cause for the green stools in adults.

Healthy Heart Secrets Revealed!

Information on how to maintain a healthy heart is widely available and has been discussed numerous times by leading cardiologists. However, that does not stop thousands of people around the world from dying daily due to heart diseases and related conditions ranging from high blood pressure,poor circulation and high triglycerides levels. What prevents people fromhaving a healthy heart and how come all the efforts of healthy heart public awareness fall short from accomplishing this goal? Perhaps the healthy heart secrets are much simpler than we have all been made aware of.

Let’s take a look at what plays the most vital part in maintaining a truly healthy heart for life.

First look at your diet! There is no surprise here. A healthy heart diet is believed to be a diet that is low in fats and high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. While this is partially true, the dangerous effects of fructose in our diets are often overlooked pushing us to make wrong dietary choices. Did you know that even too much fruit can contribute to high triglycerides levels in our blood? Since fruit contains fructose it can adversely affect blood glucose and lead to obesity and multiple health problems. A healthy heart is achieved by eating ample amounts of organic raw vegetables, organic meats and moderate intake of fruits and grains of all kinds. Animal derived fats have been portrayed to be absolute evil for our hearts. However, if we do not get enough fats, our bodies can not synthesize hormones, restore cells and maintain a healthy heart in the end. Fats are a necessity in our diet, introduce a variety of vegetable oils like olive, grape seed and flaxseed oils and avoid frying with them. Organic cream and butter should also be added to your diet in moderation. Avoiding hydrogenated fats of all kinds that have become staples in many packaged goods is the key to avoiding clogged arteries.

Exercise. This simple word makes you frown upon…Not again! Have you always thought that we have to run marathons, lift heavy weights and become exercise maniacs to prevent heart disease? This could not be farther from the truth. On the contrary, running on a treadmill for prolonged time intervals, extra strenuous strength building activity and boot camp exercises are actually damaging to our heart in the long run. Our bodies are not designed to maintain aerobic activity for long periods of time. Just look at the examples from the nature. To survive most animals need to run for short bursts of time to catch a prey or escape from predators. Only humans unknowingly run for hours at a time thinking that this is the only way to achieve a healthy heart. Very often we think highly of aerobic activity and completely ignore anaerobic activity that is actually a natural way for our bodies to exercise. Anaerobic activity that actually triggers natural human growth hormone production keeps our heart healthy and contributes to personal rejuvenation. Finally, exercise should not be a chore but rather an enjoyable activity you can look forward to at the beginning of the day, the best time to exercise. Pick a form of exercise that will help unwind your mind and help strengthen your body like Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi or walk around scenic landscapes for incredible stress relieving activities. Exercising properly will help prevent many conditions like poor circulation and varicose veins.

Sleep well! Unfortunately, high paced modern society is not conducive to establishing healthy sleep patterns. People work long hours at work, travel overseas and work split shifts that can truly wreck havoc in one’s sleep. Unhealthy lifestyles additionally contribute to lack of sleep and various types of sleep disorders pushing people to resort to dangerous sleeping pills. Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy heart, normalizing blood pressure and keeping stress and cholesterol levels in check. We simply can not survive without enough sleep. Going back to the basics is often all we need to reprogram ourselves to go to sleep and wake up as the nature intended for us to do. Following natural rhythms of the Sun is an ideal way to establishing healthy sleep patterns. Keeping stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine at a minimum or eliminating them altogether can additionally contribute to healthy sleep.

Health Care. Yes, proper health care! Millions of Americans with high cholesterol levels are continuously put on various forms of statin drugs in hope to lower their cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Statin drugs work by blocking liver cholesterol production. However, statin drugs have very serious side effects, including anemia, muscle disorders, impaired immunity and many more. Cholesterol is not evil but a necessity our bodies use as building blocks for cells, brain function, digestion and healthy heart in the end. In the end, Statin drugs do more harm than good depleting body’s natural levels of coenzyme Q10 that is essential for healthy heart. Healthy diet is the only way to manage bad cholesterol levels naturally without resorting to hazardous drugs.

Stress Management. Utilizing various stress relieving techniques is the key to have a healthy heart for life. You can eat a healthy diet, exercise, never drink or smoke, however, if you do not take care of underlying stress factors, you can significantly damage your heart over time. There are various natural techniques available allowing you to release bottled up stress such as meditation, prayer, journal writing, special breathing exercises and many more. Choosing the type of stress reliever for you that works is important. Organizing your life and relationships can have tremendous de-stressing effects on your health and healthy heart in the end.

Mental Health Disorders Innovative Methods of Treatment

Psychiatrists have estimated that almost 22 per cent of population in America is affected by all sorts of mental health disorders that result in poor sleep, inability to relax, unjustified anxiety, unmanaged stress and many other mental health disorders that require proper diagnosis and treatment. Educating yourself about various forms of mental health disorders allows you to see warning signs early and finding treatment if you experience some troubling symptoms.

Conventional medicine being majorly affected by pharmaceutical companies, resort to instant fixes in treating most mental health disorders. Prescription medications very often play a role of these instant fixes becoming the most common solutions to fix mental health problems. It’s much easier to take a pill that getting to the bottom of the underlying factors that have led to the appearance of most mental health disorders in the first place. However, some of the most commonly prescribed sleeping pills, anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs carry a laundry list of side effects, and some of them are as serious as suicidal thoughts.

Before resorting to traditional pharmaceutical approaches in treating mental health problems, it’s important to learn more on innovative methods of treatment without the use of drugs. Surprisingly, there’s nothing new in these innovative approaches to treat many mental health problems, however, they had all been long forgotten since we made such a strong shift towards medicated treatments that are believed to bring instant results.

If you experience some of the common mental health problems like panic attacksdepression or sleep disorders, it’s important to go back to the basics. Spending more time outdoors, exercising and eating a wholesome diet full of nutrients are some of the most wonderful mood enhancers that are known to us. However, most people ignore this advice and reach just for another pill. Organizing your life and making sleep a priority is another important key to feeling better. If you try to wake up and go to bed with the sun, your body will tune into the natural rhythms of the Earth. Getting proper amount of sleep will have an incredible impact on your overall mental health.

In addition, all individuals prone to developing mental health disorders are advised to search for natural active tension relievers. Whether you choose Yoga stretching, wilderness hiking, journal writing or meditating, it’s important that you sincerely enjoy these activities and resort to them on a regular basis. Spending more time outside during morning hours will optimize your levels of vitamin D that will enhance your mood naturally without dangerous medications.

Another innovative approach to treating depression that is considered one of the leading mental health disorders in America is changing your outlook on life that can not be done on your own. The purpose of this approach is to reprogram patients’ negative responses on everyday events in their lives and to make them feel in control. Talking to experienced mental health professionals will help your find the roots of your tension and anxiety and bring piece back into your life. Some people are even advised to move into the country or to leave especially stressful jobs or relationships to regain mental health. At times being away from familiar surroundings helps people find relief from debilitating mental health problems.

Various mental health wilderness camps for teens and adults are gaining popularity allowing many patients who have unsuccessfully tried many different treatments to finally start seeing positive changes in their mental health. Being away from stressful life situations under a watchful eye of trained mental health specialists enables people to clearly analyze the underlying causes for their mental health problems. Mentors help stressed and depressed individuals regain control of their lives and find healthful solutions for many common mental health disorders.

If you are currently experiencing some of the mentioned above symptoms or you frequently have thoughts of suicide, or everyday unmanaged stress, it’s important to get fully examined by a mental health professional to rule out some serious health conditions that might require immediatetreatments.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon

You probably do not even worry about the health benefits of lemons, and simply enjoy it the foundation of your glass of water or fresh lemonade in. You can appreciate its tangy flavor to a variety of meat or find practical household use it, such as cleaning the table, but there are a lot of things inside and outside of the lemon, and the health benefits far beyond everyday cooking lemon purposes. In fact, the health benefits of lemon juice, peel and fruit have been known for centuries, they have been used to treat many diseases and cure of disease, for many years. Full of beneficial vitamins and minerals the body can feel good lemon water, the next time you sip a glass of the health benefits, I feel great about zesting lemon peel advantage of this bright yellow citrus in your main course taken .

1, scurvy: the identification features pirate-related conditions is it just so happens that a lack of vitamin C, lemon nutrients including this important vitamin, which is why the lemon is to obtain a very high price tag abundance at the same time. They used to make them a very valuable commodity in the treatment of scurvy, and their ability to recover the body of vitamin C levels so that one of the benefits of a healthy lemon treat scurvy.

2, help digestion: Although not proven, it is believed to be the body’s processing of food and beverages can be helped along a little bit of lemon. Mechanism of action may not be clear, but may be considered in the digestive process can be supported by a lemon.

3 kidney stones: occurs more frequently in men than in women, kidney stones can be for anyone who has these painful and unpleasant experience. Through the benefits of increased urination, a healthy lemon may be helpful to people suffering from kidney stones.

4 tinnitus: There may be little conclusive evidence was found about a purported lemon oil is health benefits, but it is believed that aromatherapy, which uses oil from the citrus fruit can quell the symptoms of tinnitus, ringing in the ears.

5 Meniere’s disease: Some symptoms of this condition include dizziness and nausea, vomiting and hearing problems, it is considered eriodictyol glycosides, a chemical substance found in lemons may help relieve these symptoms.

6, reduce inflammation: You may not even know the health benefits of green tea with lemon, and you sit back and enjoy it on your porch one hot summer, but effective, you may not see, but could be welcomed ability to reward it helps prevent inflammation!

7 Natural Mouthwash: As it has, it’s not a miracle, one of the benefits of a healthy lemon is how to keep your mouth fresh and clean, no bacteria and corrosion resistance of bacteria. When using it as a mouthwash can help fight those trying to invade your mouth dirty things!

8 Acne Fighter: Are you looking for a natural way to help clear up acne? Well, then walk into your kitchen! Lemon slices, when inflammation and irritation of the skin and acne wipe can help ease the discomfort and reduce the appearance of these unwanted skin residents. Lemon also like exfoliation, helping to remove the outer layer of the skin and dead skin cells it contains.

9 protect cells from damage: Some type of cell death has been linked to free radicals and antioxidants is one of their greatest enemy, you guessed how? Where the health benefits of a lemon is healthy doses of anti-oxidants, which can serve as a defense unruly radicals.

10 may reduce the risk of heart disease: Although the jury is still out, I, and some claiming to reduce the risk of heart disease in people who regularly use lemon.

Top 10 Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

When most people think of lipstick, they think goo means that the lips are thick coating, but interestingly, there may be caused by a similar name interesting relationship with what we know of lipstick and plants. Lemon balm, from Labiatae, is rich in medicinal and some lemon balm uses may just surprise you. Fragrant leaves using a popular way is to plant their tea, such as herbal tea. Although delicious, to say the least, not in the benefits of lemon balm tea flavors to stop! So, before you go canceled or lemon balm tea is just another contrived the whole remedies do not do this, do not check the benefits of our top 10 list of lemon balm tea!

A mood enhancer: If you are depressed, you may want to try adding a little green to your life. And a cup of tea will be difficult to bring immediate happiness, lemon balm has been used as a mood enhancer brings feelings of happiness.

2 mental performance: the study of people do the math speed literally the result of the benefits of lemon balm tea. While it may not work for everyone, there is a jump rope brewing a cup of delicious hot tea, if it will lead to more serious mental skills, no meaning. It can even be used in people with Alzheimer’s disease!

3, relieve anxiety: Because of its sedative-like properties, lemon balm anxiety can help relieve stress and anxiety, relax the mind and body. Open cup of hot tea can do wonders for the body in the first place, but the extra lemon balm tea to soothe you can easily add another layer to your calm.

4 Weight Control: When the combination with other herbs, there are tips, obesity control and easier to study this herbal concoction.

5 insomnia: People herbal tea has been used to help sleepy sleep sooner, but the sedative properties of lemon balm tea can make bed time more enjoyable experience and user reports to fall asleep faster and enjoy the quiet and more capacity fulfilling sleep.

6, cold sores: One of the most well-known benefits of lemon balm tea is its ability to fight the herpes virus. This will be one in your lips, like a cold sore, but not other types of (so do not adhere to any local tea bags, they do not belong.) Tea when users report that they feel a cold sore after another to avoid potential infection close .

7, colds: The purported anti-viral properties, it has been known to use lemon balm tea in the early stages of the disease as common colds, can resist the invading virus.

8, digestive troubles: nervous stomach cramps and sometimes helps with lemon balm tea. This may be because the sedative effect of tea can calm the spasms and other neurological symptoms that can wreak havoc digestive system.

9 Eczema: Although the leaves on the skin has long been used as an insect repellent, it is not the only way, Melissa can help your skin. The so-called anti-histamine properties, claiming the benefits of lemon balm tea, can not help to relieve the symptoms of eczema.

10 Headaches:. Headache treatment balm tea combines the characteristics of the mechanism can be responsible. Perhaps the ability of tea, cool, can tension headache, or anti-histamine properties, can relieve allergy head pain is useful. In any case, it is used in this application for many, many years.

There are some side effects to be aware of lemon balm. People taking levothyroxine thyroid problems should not use it in any form, because it is proven to reduce the effectiveness of drug therapy. It may also be drug interaction sedatives. However, due to everything from ice cream to herbal tea for commercial purposes, it is generally considered safe and effective sedative a very popular method of folk medicine went to colds and other common diseases.

Stop Snoring Devices Review – Which One Is The Most Effective?

Snoring is a person who is rarely bother to truly dubbed nighttime nuisance offenders. More often it is a problem for others in the family. There are many different types of stop snoring products, and they are in a different manner. The fact is, there are many different reasons snoring, and what is very good, a person may be largely ineffective for you. Now, this does not mean that the device is a total flip-flop; it just means it does not fit your specific root causes loud snoring is useful. Available on a variety of different types of stop snoring device good news is that most of them are inexpensive, and some even serve multiple purposes. Therefore, when a particular project may not benefit your nose at night freight trains harmony, it might help another problem, causing your sleep less than sound.

One of the projects is to stop snoring mouthpiece. By situational chin in such a way that it is not conducive to a relaxed position vibration, this can help calm snoring in some people. Most of the home is molded and before they are replaced for several months. They are also cheap, often running at an average of about fifteen dollars. In addition, people who grind their teeth at night or suffering from TMJ may find additional benefits, in these types of stop snoring devices.

In addition, it may be the most attractive or appealing choice is to stop snoring chin strap. These things usually looks big, black, elastic head guards share a similar purpose as a mouthpiece to do – comfortable and natural positioning of the jaw. However, for many people, these types of helmet-type stop snoring device is not ideal. Another hair type option, is very effective, however, is a CPAP machine. The process of sleep apnea devices for the treatment of common sleep state, however, because almost three-quarters of snorers may suffer from sleep apnea, they can prove very useful if snoring has on your life had a tremendous impact . However, compared with our other products, you will need to see a doctor to determine the cause of sleep apnea, snoring, and discuss treatment options and equipment.

So, what is our first choice as the most effective stop snoring device selection? Ah, this is probably the simplest and most affordable option. Nose band. Since they may allow a larger flare nostril slower rate of oxygen uptake of these simple strips are useful. The mechanism of action has been compared to a garden hose, whereby the hose is narrow, the faster the water will wind through it. The hose has a larger diameter will allow water through more slowly and gently. These devices can also help stop snoring breathing people who have a cold or some other type of blockage in the nasal area. Other allowances? They are not as intrusive on sleep some other stop snoring devices. There is no wear on your head or in your mouth or in your nostrils. They are just on the head with the nose, usually does not cause any adverse effects you get a good night’s sleep. They are cheap; does not require any setting, under exceptional circumstances, or a huge purse.